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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Update on status of make-3.82 release for cygwin

On 8/10/2010 10:54 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
I wanted to let everyone know that I'm aware of the fact that make-3.82
has been released.  However, given the number of reported problems in
the make bugs mailing list, I don't plan on releasing a new version of
GNU make until the dust has settled.  That means no new version of make
for at least a month.

Also, given the ability to use more UNIX-like filenames in Cygwin 1.7.x,
I'm contemplating not doing what I'd previously mentioned - using new
changes in GNU make to allow MS-DOS file names like "c:\foo" in
makefiles.  I'll have to investigate just how much the Windows-isms in
GNU make's code impact Cygwin make before I make a final determination.
I may just decide to reenable the --ms-dos option as it used to be in
the old days.  Or, if that's too much work, I might just turn off
special-case handling of c:\blah entirely - just like it is in


Thanks for the heads up.

On Cygwin, make-3.82 supports DOS paths by default. I'm curious about what work might be involved in re-enabling the --ms-dos option, and I'd like to help, if I can.

I built my Cygwin make-3.82 packages directly from the upstream release tarball using the attached script.


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