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RE: dvd has korean file names that are now question marks

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>From: [] On
Behalf Of >denise
>Sent: Friday, August 06, 2010 12:17 AM
>Subject: dvd has korean file names that are now question marks
>im not a programmer, i know very little MSDOS, i know windows xp well.
>i have some dvds that i used to back up some files but unfortunately
>all the files with korean names were then changed as the disk was
>burned. so now they are all question marks (bad file naming according
>to windows) so i cannot transfer the files from the dvd to my c drive
>or anywhere else for that matter OR even open them up from the drive
>(yes, i've already tried that, to rename the files but i can't even
>open up the files to rename them). i want to take the files off of the
>dvd and store them on my external hard drive now. can cygwin help with
>this...i've read for days now the user guide, the mailing list
>archives but truthfully i don't know where to start. i kinda need it
>set up like this "step 1: do this, step 2: do this" since i'm not a
>i have also exhausted many other options before i even installed or
>heard of cygwin. nothing worked.
>can someone take me through a step by step process to recover these
>renamed files?

Hi Denise,

Are you on the same machine that you did the backup on? If not, do any
files not on the dvds display Korean names ok? I'm wondering if you are
now on a
machine that doesn't recognize Korean names in general, in which case
some configuration change to match the original machine might help.

Did you use a backup program to burn the dvds, or a regular dvd-burner


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