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Re: Where's my home? (lost in my domain)

On 8/4/2010 4:22 AM, Linda Walsh wrote:
When I log in, I seem to be placed in


IF I type "cd" and hit return, then I'm in


My home vars:

//Bliss/law>  printenv|grep HOME

My /etc/password, for user "Bliss\law" (why "\" and not "/"?)

Ask Microsoft. It's their convention.

has //Bliss/law as a home dir as setup sometime in the past
when mkpasswd was working (ahh...those were the days... :-))...

'mkpasswd' works. If you have an issue that you believe isn't just local to your machine/environment/setup, please report it.

I'm not sure why it wouldn't have specified my HOME as i:/ . (?)

First, Cygwin doesn't use drive syntax. Second, the order of preference for setting the home directory in Cygwin is, as spelled out in /etc/profile:

# Here is how HOME is set, in order of priority, when starting from Windows
#  1) From existing HOME in the Windows environment, translated to a Posix path
#  2) from /etc/passwd, if there is an entry with a non empty directory field
#  4) / (root)

But I don't see where it got /users/law.Bliss -- though it is
the temporary cache.  If windows/the login process was smart, then
I could see /users/law.Bliss being my HOME if the network server
wasn't available.  But it is, and I don't think windows is that

So how does what decide if my HOME gets set to //bliss/law, i:/
or [C:]/Users

I'd recommend getting a good feel for what Windows is setting your home directory to and, given the above information (and mining other tidbits from the email archives as required), use all of this to figure out why you're not seeing what you want to see and how you should change things to reach your goal. Assuming Windows isn't tripping you up somehow, the procedure I quoted above that Cygwin uses to determine what it will use as your home directory is very straight-forward.

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