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Re: ash start-up issue

On 8/2/2010 8:11 AM, Steven Collins wrote:
On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 12:34, Steven Collins<> wrote:
On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 12:27, Larry Hall (Cygwin)<> wrote:
On 7/30/2010 2:15 PM, Steven Collins wrote:

If this is BLODA I'm just plain screwed because it is corporate driven and I have no control over it. This scenario is the biggest reason I hate seeing the BLODA response. It seems to me that it would be good to find ways to get Cygwin to work despite the presence of things that are considered BLODA. Many users are in a similar situation to my own where they are not the masters of what is on their computer. I take it from the BLODA response that neither of you sees any issue with the contents of the cygcheck file.

I didn't see anything that caught my attention beyond the services, which we covered. That doesn't mean there isn't something else of course. ;-)

BLODA is indeed a pain.  The fact that there is no transparent way to
deal with it makes it worse.

Since you have 2 identically configured machines with one seeing the
problem and one not suggests that there's a way to "fool" the BLODA
in question.  Understanding that would be helpful.
Since I don't see any other options open to me I'm in the process of
doing a complete, clean, reinstall of Cygwin. I'll post the results of
that installation when it is complete. Most likely that won't be until
Monday or later.

The one thing I have thought of since my last post is that I did at
one point attempt to get cygports installed on this machine. That is
something I've not done with the other. I ran into some sort of
problem with that install and gave up on it. I already had cygwin
installed when I tried to do the cygports install. I didn't start over
from scratch for that, despite the process talking about downloading
locally first. I doubt this is the source of the issue, but it is a
difference between this computer and all the others I have set up with
cygwin at work.


Just got into the computer that I left re-installing Cygwin from scratch. First thing I tried is starting ash.exe from a cmd prompt. Works fine now. Anything more we can try at this point to figure out the source of the problem? I still have the install that wasn't working in C:\cygwin.old. It would be nice to end this conversation with a conclusion and maybe even a better fix than re-installing for the next person that sees this type of scenario.

If reinstalling worked, then that says to me that there was something (and I suspect some service) that was keeping the old cygwin1.dll loaded even after you killed all the other Cygwin apps. I don't know what that would be since it wasn't obvious from your cygcheck output, unless you have a <> installed and hiding somewhere. I guess a compare of your old and new cygcheck output may shed light on this or some other difference. You could also do a diff of the old and new installations looking for clues. And then there's the old search of your drives for 3PP cygwin1.dlls chestnut.

I had sshd configured under the original install. Can anyone tell me
what files I need to grab from my cygwiin.old in order to get the same
configuration I was using. I could re-run the configuration script,
but then I believe all the computers that I connect to this one would
warn me about a known hosts mismatch. I'd prefer to avoid that if I

Yep. Still I'd start by running the script, since that will set up the service properly. Then stop sshd, copy over /etc/ssh* and ~/.ssh from the old installation, and restart sshd. That should do it. That said, I haven't tested this procedure to make sure nothing important got left out. ;-)

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