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Re: Request for a thicker line cursor in Mintty

On 31 July 2010 15:24, JOHNER Jean 066030 wrote:
>>> I use Mintty with the following options:
>>> Background: white, Foreground: black, Text: Fixedsys 9 pts, Cursor:
>>> line.
>>> With such options, vim with default unix .vimrc colors looks great in
>>> insert mode. However the cursor appears to be a little too thin in my
>>> opinion (sometimes difficult to find on the screen).
>> It's the standard Windows cursor, same as you get in any other Windows
>> application. Try the block or underscore cursors for something more
>> substantial.
> The line cursor is well adapted for insert mode (gvim switches from
> block to line cursor when insert mode is activated).

Btw, you can have a mode-dependent cursor in vim running in mintty as
well. See the TIPS section of 'man mintty' for details.

> Indeed, the Mintty line cursor is also used by WordPad but Word uses a
> thicker cursor (probably for the same reasons as mine).

Hmm, good point, I hadn't noticed that. Same in OpenOffice Writer as well.

Do you want to enter an enhancement issue at


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