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Re: ash start-up issue

On 7/30/2010 2:15 PM, Steven Collins wrote:
If this is BLODA I'm just plain screwed because it is corporate driven
and I have no control over it.  This scenario is the biggest reason I
hate seeing the BLODA response. It seems to me that it would be good
to find ways to get Cygwin to work despite the presence of things that
are considered BLODA. Many users are in a similar situation to my own
where they are not the masters of what is on their computer. I take it
from the BLODA response that neither of you sees any issue with the
contents of the cygcheck file.

I didn't see anything that caught my attention beyond the services, which we covered. That doesn't mean there isn't something else of course. ;-)

BLODA is indeed a pain.  The fact that there is no transparent way to
deal with it makes it worse.

Since you have 2 identically configured machines with one seeing the
problem and one not suggests that there's a way to "fool" the BLODA
in question.  Understanding that would be helpful.

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