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AW: [bulk] - Re: Inconsistent escaping of bash commands (depends on the first command)

Hi all,
my problem is similar to the escaping problem

I use generate and print print pdf from command line.
To print I use the windows gsprint program.

printer="-printer \\\\XXX\hplj-4700DTN"
opts="-all -ghostscript \"c:\\Programme\\gs\\gs8.63\\bin\\gswin32c.exe\""

[1] /cydrive/c/Programme/gs/gsview/gsprint.exe" $opts $printer \"$1\"


[2] cmd /C "c:\\Programme\\gs\\gsview\\gsprint.exe" $opts $printer \"$1\"

Both version work. But they don't find the fonts located under

[3] /usr/share/ghostscript/fonts


[4] c:\Programme\cygwin\usr\share\ghostscript\fonts

[4] is the contend of the Windows environment var GS_LIB

If I start the printing form a cmd shell (started from Windos) all the  font where found by gsprint.

>From my point of view there is an inconsistency  between starting a window program form a cmd shell direct from windows and starting the same program from a cmd shell which is stared from cygwin.

Do someone have an idea how to fix that ??

Have fun

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