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Re: Problem with subversion-apache2

On 7/29/2010 5:48 PM, Dragos Toader wrote:
The problem has to do with package
subversion-apache 2 1.6.12-2

My apache2 daemon crashes when I try to start it
after adding
LoadModule authz_svn_module lib/apache2/

/var/log/apache2/error_log reports
7424725 [main] httpd2 1000 C:\cygwin\usr\sbin\httpd2.exe: *** fatal
error - unable to remap \\?\C:\cygwin\lib\apache2\ to
same address as parent: 0xC70000 != 0xF10000

This is caused by one of two things:

1. rebase problem - Install the rebase package, read the readme in
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin, and follow the instructions there to run

2. <>

I'd try 1 first.

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