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Should mintty's copy-on-select option be on by default?

On 29 July 2010 08:24, JOHNER Jean 066030 wrote:
> Thank you for all the answers to my original request below. This was very instructive.
> In conclusion:
> - to get middle-mouse paste of the selection with Mintty, Options/Mouse/copy on select had to be checked, which is not the default.

Middle button paste really does work fine by default. It pastes
whatever is in the clipboard. However, when you select something, it
is not automatically placed in the clipboard unless you enable 'Copy
on select'.

This is a difference in approach between Windows and X11: in X, the
selection is automatically made available for pasting, whereas in
Windows you need to explicitly copy it to the clipboard using the Copy
menu command or one of its keyboard shortcuts. The Windows approach
has the advantage that you can select something without clobbering the
clipboard content. It has the disadvantage that an additional action
is required when you just want to copy&paste.

Mintty currently defaults to the Windows approach. I've seen enough
questions about this though that I'm thinking about changing this.

Selecting without copying isn't actually much use in mintty, because
the only other thing you can do with a selection is to try to 'Open'
it. And I guess most users do come from a Unixy background.



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