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Re: configure error: cannot find install-sh or in ../.. "../../winsup/cygwin"/../..

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 03:53:32PM -0400, Ryan McLeod wrote:
>The reason for it, was I initially had issues trying to install
>openswan into cygwin. Openswan is supposed to support installation on
>cygwin. I was then instructed to cross compile openswan for cygwin on
>linux to try and get it to work. And i was told to look at the
>cross-compiler doc in the openswan package on how to do that. Which
>told me to get winsup and build it so I would have a compiler on Linux
>to build openswan for cygwin. But thats when i ran into the issues

Ok.  Sorry that I haven't been paying attention.  It seems like very bad
advice to suggest that someone cross-build a cygwin application from
linux.  It doesn't make a lot of sense.

>You mention packages that come with a cygwin installation to compile a
>program to be used on cygwin. Mind giving me a rough idea on how to do

If you want to build on/for cygwin then you need to download things like
gcc, make, binutils and probably other things that I haven't thought of.

There was a recent discussion about this:


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