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Re: configure error: cannot find install-sh or in ../.. "../../winsup/cygwin"/../..

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 11:22:13AM -0400, Ryan McLeod wrote:
>Got around to trying some of this again. I commented out some #include
><winsock2.h>, but eventually one file didnt like it and had a bunch of
>unknown variables. I was reading through the emails and I did want to
>specify that at this point I'm just trying to compile and install
>winsup from the CVS cygwin server.

At the risk of annoying the open source zealots among us, I have to ask:
Why?  There is no need to build "winsup" when you're trying to build
some other package.  That is definitely not a prerequiste.  All of the
files that you need to build packages are already part of the cygwin
release.  You can't avoid downloading them if you have a working cygwin

>I havent gotten to openswan yet.  Not sure if that helps to look for
>the root of the issue.

Actually, no, it just confuses things.  The problems that you're seeing
are likely do to some bad decisions that are being made in the openswan
code.  You don't need cygwin source code to deal with that.


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