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Re: How to launch an rxvt terminal window with Monospace font

On 7/27/2010 9:40 AM, JOHNER Jean 066030 wrote:
> Thank you, Jeremy, for your suggestion.
> I tried the Mintty font chooser. Unfortunately, the Monospace font is not proposed.

You mentioned that Monospace is used by gvim under X.  It's likely that
X is providing that font or at least a font under that name.  Mintty
does not use X, so it will only be able to provide the fonts available
from Windows.  I believe rxvt has this same limitation, actually.

> However, the Fixedsys font is proposed, which is OK for me (my feeling is that the Lucida Console is too thin and the Lucida Console-bold is not nice).

Try downloading the Monotype font from somewhere and installing it into
your Windows fonts.  I expect it will show up under mintty's font picker
as soon as you do that.

> I agree that Mintty is great. I just regret that the middle-mouse paste does not work (ctrl-insert/shift insert instead).

Check the options in the Mouse category.  While center click should
paste by default, mintty is not configured to copy on select by default.
 You need to perform just a little tweaking to make mintty act more like
an xterm with regards to mouse operations.


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