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Re: strace on a2ps complains about \Device\Harddisk4\DR4

Rasputin Paskudniak wrote:

> I have a new Windows-7 64-bit box and Cygwin (1.75) was my first
> download.  At the installation stage, I included a2ps (4.13).
> My problem: When I run it, I just get back to my shell prompt. This is
> even when I run "a2ps -- version".  Mystery?

No mystery, but...

> First step: What is the exit code?  echo $? displays 127. (errno.h tells
> me this is related to sockets.  Highly unlikely.)  So I decided to run
> it with strace:

... you followed the wrong procedure.

To get the error description you do:

$ net helpmsg 127

The specified procedure could not be found.

That usually means the program, a2ps, can't find one or more of the
dynamic libraries it needs.

To find what libraries are missing use: cygcheck `which a2ps`

[long snip]

Instead of strace, another tool would be better in this case, its not
from Cysgwin but from Microsoft, it's SysInternals depends.  It will
tell you the same as the cygcheck.
René Berber

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