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Re: Request for feature: more flexible setup routine

Greetings, Andy Koppe!

>>> This makes me wonder whether Keep shouldn't be the default, on the
>>> principle that programs shouldn't do anything unless the user asks for
>>> it.
>> Strange principle.

> It's the "Principle of Least Surprise".

>> Setup is intended to install/update Cygwin installation.
>> Of course it offer to update whatever is available for update.
>> Why shouldn't it?

> Yes, of course it should offer them, the issue is that it
> clandestinely sticks them into users' shopping trolleys and then makes
> them pay for it. At least some users do get surprised by setup.exe
> pre-selecting updates without making that obvious, such that the first
> they know about it is when large packages they didn't pick start
> downloading. (Setup.exe's behaviour is of course documented, alas,
> manuals don't usually get read until there are problems, if at all.)

> Having said that, I do think that encouraging users to update to the
> latest versions is a good thing, but it would be nice to do it less
> sneakily. I don't know how though.

> Remembering the Keep/Curr/Prev/Exp setting across setup.exe
> invocations would just make it easier for users like the OP to opt out
> of updates.

The summary page with expected download size listed wouldn't be bad addition,
I agree.

 Andrey Repin ( 26.07.2010, <23:20>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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