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Cron & Windows 2003 Server


I looking for solution for install cron on cygwin and windows 2003 server and read

But on way any problem, because don't work.

Just try on Fresh Windows 2003 server installation over VMWARE for test pourposes.

On this line

cygrunsrv -I cron -p /usr/sbin/cron -a -D -d "Cygwin cron" -e "CYGWIN=tty ntsec" -u cron_server -w

Get error. System like a password.

Well, I put new line

cygrunsrv -I cron -p /usr/sbin/cron -a -D -d "Cygwin cron" -e "CYGWIN=tty ntsec" -u cron_server -w pasword_here

And work.

After, run cygrunsrv -L and show


But cron don't work.

Any log on <path>/user_administrator/cron.log or /var/log/cron.log, only 0 bytes file.

Any information for this issue?

For my es important because I'm making a little script for backup Cpanel accounts to my customers, and script work on Windows XP, Windows 95, MacOsx, Linux, but don't work on Windows 2003 or 2008 because cron don't work.

A nice day.


Abdel Karim Mateos Sánchez
Tamainut IT, S.L.
Web: <>

Skype: mamateos
MSN & gTalk:
Telefono Contacto:917717031


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