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Re: Standardizing a Cygwin installation across machines?

On 7/23/2010 2:21 PM, John Cromartie wrote:
> Hi list,
> I make heavy use of cygwin across multiple servers. It is used for build process automation and many other tasks. I would like to have a simple standard installation I can "roll out" to new systems, or even to just normalize existing systems. For example: I discover I need a new package to support some new endeavor that runs on four different servers.
> Is there any way to do something like this?

Check out the command line options for setup.exe.  It will let you
update and add packages without user interaction if you like.  The only
problem is that you'll have to find some way outside of Cygwin to
automate running it remotely, if that's your idea.  If you try to update
Cygwin when there are running Cygwin processes, you'll find that any
file currently in use will not be replaced without a reboot.  Maybe you
could have a minimal installation installed somewhere else which is only
used to perform the updates on another installation.

Another option is to simply ZIP up the Cygwin installation and extract
that onto your target systems.  Again, you'll have to find some way to
automate this task outside the Cygwin installation being updated.
You'll also need to ensure that you use a Windows-native archive tool to
handle things if you're not using an alternative Cygwin installation to
perform the update.  Otherwise, things like symlinks will not be preserved.


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