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Re: When will the next gcc come out

2010/7/23 Andy Koppe <>:
> On 23 July 2010 09:24, Huang Bambo wrote:
>> The current gcc( 4.3.4 ) has some bug with O3 option. it will
>> optimized out some needed code in some case.
>> I meet this bug when I compile ACE library.
>> If I use O2 option, everything goes fine.
> Have you got any actual evidence for this being a bug in gcc rather
> than in your program? It's quite common that subtle program bugs get
> exposed differently by different optimisations. This might also be
> relevant:

It's a very simple test program:

#include <ace/Log_Msg.h>

int ACE_TMAIN( int argc, ACE_TCHAR **argv )
        ACE_DEBUG(( LM_DEBUG, ACE_TEXT("%D\n") ));
        return 0;

Gcc optimized out some code like
*fp++ = *format_string ++;

When I gdb to that line and "print fp", gdb reported that fp is optized out...

If I compile ACE library with -O2, everything become OK.

I will check if this will happen in other platform when I have time.

> Andy
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