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Need to uninstall many packages, how?

Hello everyone. ?Today I accidentally installed many new packages into
my cygwin setup, namely X and Gnome, and I didn't want them. ?How do I
uninstall them?

How this happened:
1) I noticed that I had not installed vim, I know I was shocked too,
but nonetheless, it's true.
2) I ran setup.exe,
??a) got to the "Select Packages" screen
??b) searched for vim
??c) opened the Editors category
??d) clicked on the first one I saw
??Oops, I had accidentally selected the GTK interface to vim.
??e) setup.exe automatically selected the correct vim package as a
package dependency, so I simply clicked the GTK vim again until it
read "Skip."
??f) Clicked <Next> enough times to get it to run

After several minutes of downloading, verifying, installing,
configuring, post-installing, etc. I realized that it installed a lot
of X and Gnome related packages. ?Now I want to remove them all
because I don't want them. ?However, when I re-run setup.exe and try
to click the various packages to uninstall, it changes other packages
that I had previously selected to uninstall back to "keep."
The only option I see that's available to me is to completely
uninstall cygwin and then re-install the packages I do want. ?That
does not sound fun and I'm hoping someone has a better idea of how to
remove lots of related packages.


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