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Re: git and openssh issue

On 07/20/2010 11:35 AM, Bill Hoffman wrote:
> I know this is an old issue.  I am wondering if I could help diagnose
> the problem, or if anyone is working on this issue.  The current fix
> seems to be to use plink and cygwin git.   But cygwin git and ssh just
> do not work together.
> Basically, it is this random error:
> fatal: early EOFs:  47% (657/1396)
> Seems like an issue with openssh and not git as using plink fixes the
> problem.   Anyway, with some direction I would be willing to help, I
> have a very reproducible case of this.

I haven't been able to reproduce this problem myself, but I was thinking
that using plink rather than ssh also eliminates a bit of Cygwin pipe
handling performed under ssh.  It might be useful to see if this can be
reproduced another way such as over something relatively basic like rsh.
 If the problem reproduces with rsh, that should point more directly to
a problem with the Cygwin DLL rather than ssh.

Do you have control over the server hosting the repository you're
cloning such that you can try that out?  If not, have you tried setting
up your own server with a complete clone of the repository to see if you
can reproduce the problem when cloning from that one?


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