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FW: cygwin sshd ideas (WAS: catdoc)

[CC:cygwin added]

Victor Wagner schrieb:
BTW, concerning cygwin users. Do you know of anybody working on
cygwin-specific sshd patches?

Yes, Corinna Vinschen is.

We use cygwin sshd on our win32 build macines, because we need
to have compatible agent forwarding on all systems and are dissatisfied
with kind of win32 console session it gives.

For instance changes in the environment, made though control panel, do
not affect any newly created session unless sshd is restarted.
User specific settings, made via control panel are not applied at all.

Interesting idea. Normally you would send a kill -1 signal to sshd to re-read the configuration, even if it's the registry where it reads the changed ENV vars.
I forwarded it to the cygwin list.

Microsoft telnetd does much better job.

But what makes me wonder  there is no attempt in the sshd code to use
win32 specific way to create user session.

There is. All this is hidden in the cygwin1.dll There is scary pure win32 code to manage user sessions. -- Reini Urban

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