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Re: Some missing .a file trying to compile cfc util on cygwin libgmp.a, libhistory.a, libreadline.a)

Risposta al messaggio di Jeremy Bopp :

I think you need to install ncurses-devel for termcap support, but I'm
not sure what provides the fl library.  When it comes to missing
libraries such as you're seeing, many projects have some form of
documentation available which tells you what you need to install in
order to build the software, so make sure you check there first.  You
can also use the cygcheck program and  to
search for the cygwin packages which provide particular files.

Ok, thanks for your suggestions.
I have readed documentation but I have not found info about compiling the package on cygwin.
I have installed all packages in Devel/Math/libs/utils
but the error is not changed. The strange thing - for me, I am a newbe on Cygwin - is that I need to move the .a file in the /usr/cf_arith_xxxx directory instead make don't find them (they ar in lib directory)
I have replaced in the makefile -ltermcap with -lncurse:
LIBS = libgmp.a libreadline.a libhistory.a -lfl -lncurses # cygwin

instead of:
LIBS = libgmp.a libreadline.a libhistory.a -lfl -ltermcap #cygwin

now it seem to works: I have a cf_arith.exe file in /usr/cf_arith_xxx/

now I move it in /bin directory and I think it should works.

There exist a command to move all exe files created after compiling the module (and dll) in the /bin directory (c:\cygwin\bin) instead of moving them with che copy command?

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