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Re: Some missing .a file trying to compile cfc util on cygwin libgmp.a, libhistory.a, libreadline.a)

On 07/18/2010 11:17 AM, gialloporpora wrote:
> Risposta al messaggio di Jeremy Bopp :
>> On 07/18/2010 05:45 AM, gialloporpora wrote:
>>> Risposta al messaggio di gialloporpora :
>>>> Now I have this problem trying to compile the package (GMP and
>>>> readline):
>>>> g++: libgmp.a: No such file or directory
>>>> g++: libreadline.a: No such file or directory
>>>> g++: libhistory.a: No such file or directory
>>>> make: *** [cf_arith] Error 1
>>> Te only file really missing is ibgmp.a, the other files are in the lib
>>> directory (libreadline.a, libhistory.a), I have a similar file named
>>> "ibgmp.dll.a".
>> You need to install the -devel packages such as readline-devel.
>> -Jeremy
> Thank you, Jeremy for your suggestion, but I have already installed all
> readline packages, I have installed also devel packages, I have the
> files in the lib directory but it seems that the make command not find
> these files.
> I have now download  the last version of GMP and compiled it in:
> /usr/gmp
> and I have the file libgmp in /usr/lib.
> If I copy all the files in the directory where I have extracted the cfc
> source and execute the make commands, now I have this new errors messags
> :-( :
> g++ -g -o cf_arith cf_arith.o lex.yy.o libgmp.a
> libreadline.a li
> bhistory.a -lfl -ltermcap
> /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/4.3.4/../../../../i686-pc-cygwin/bin/ld:
> cannot find
>  -lfl
> /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/4.3.4/../../../../i686-pc-cygwin/bin/ld:
> cannot find
>  -ltermcap
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [cf_arith] Error 1
> sandro@user-632b6d8c28 /usr/cf_arith_v0.7
> I don't know how to solve this.

I think you need to install ncurses-devel for termcap support, but I'm
not sure what provides the fl library.  When it comes to missing
libraries such as you're seeing, many projects have some form of
documentation available which tells you what you need to install in
order to build the software, so make sure you check there first.  You
can also use the cygcheck program and to
search for the cygwin packages which provide particular files.



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