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Re: apr hangs with accept4 and cygwin snapshots

I agree that the question (about why you want to ) should not be asked and agree
with rights and benefits of open source software.  

Rather than a seemingly condensending question, a simple factual statement mentioning 
the existence of an existing package (which can be some distance downstream) is all that's needed.

A lot of bugs and fixes are found by people exploring the newer versions
of packages and their efforts at finding solutions could help everyone
when upgrading time comes for others, as long as they inform us, or they might find 
an obscure bug in cygwin, whose fix would help everyone as well.

   d. henman

Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> >> On 7/16/2010 1:56 PM, Refr Bruhl wrote:
> >>> I am trying to compile apr-1.4.2 using cygwin 
> >> 
> >>Why?  It's already part of the distribution.
> >
> >I don't think we should ever ask that question.  It's essential to
> >open-source that people be able to get the source and build it
> >themselves, and asking about how to do so should always a valid
> >question.
> It is not inconceivable that someone might not know that something
> is in the distribution or may be confused about an option in the
> existing binary.  So asking that question is entirely appropriate.
> No one is insisting that they not build something but it is appropriate
> to at least figure out what they know.  It could save someone a  lot
> of pointless work.

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