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Re: Minimal setup to build apps from source?

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 7:17 PM, Monte Cabet <> wrote:
> I always hear some applications thrown out there that you should have to
> build software from source like gcc and vim, but is there a more complete
> list of what is required? I built up somewhat of a list for myself to track
> what I've installed, but there seems to be a lot of missing points. Some of
> the list is as follows (there is tons more, but this is what I feel this
> necessary as of now):
> ncureses
> libncurses-devel
> ncursesw
> libncursesw-devel
> make
> patchutils
> gcc
> gcc-mingw
> zip
> unzip
> xorg-server
> xinit
> inetutils (for telnet)
> openssh
> nano
> git
> cvs
> subversion
> ruby
> If I, and everybody else who needs, can get some help to atleast build some
> of the applications that everybody wishes that would be very beneficial!
> Thank you.

That's going to vary from person to person and from package to
package.  For example, I don't use cvs or subversion most of the time
because I am behind a proxy server that doesn't play nice.  I just use
wget, which isn't even on your list.

Also, there are bison and flex and automake which make things easier.
The dev package for openssl should be on your list, too.

You have zip and unzip, but not gzip or bzip2 listed.

Don't forget the gtk dev libraries.

I have no idea why xorg-server or xinit would be "required" to build
anything.  If you are building X packages you'd need the libs for
them, not the actual programs themselves.

I never build non-native Cygwin apps from Cygwin, so I have no use for
mingw stuff.  If I want to build a Windows app, I use Visual Studio
for it.

But I agree with Larry.  It depends on what sort of software you are
going to be building.  You could select every library and every
development package presented by setup.exe.


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