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Re: cygwin case-sensitivity: more picky than linux, by default/w no option?

* Linda Walsh (Tue, 13 Jul 2010 18:44:24 -0700)
> How many different versions of 'man' are there, anyway?
> I've always wondered why cygwin's was so different from the few linux
> versions I've seen -- bug especially in this sense.

That's because you've seen only a few Linux versions.
> How is it that cygwin's manpages are case sensitive?

Man pages are neither case sensitive nor case insensitive.
> The reason I ask, is that on linux, not only does the man program have
> a "-i" option to ignore case, but its also the default!

Definitely not.
> So maybe cygwin could catchup to linux in this regard and go for 
> ease of use?
> From the SuSE linux manpage for "man", regarding the "-i" option.

That is SUSE Linux specific.
> But cygwin, it's not even an option to ignore case?
> I'm almost wondering if someone switched the man programs on the
> two OS's...;-)

Cygwin is not an OS and neither is SUSE Linux.
> Very weird.
> Think it's possible to get the cygwin version 'enhanced'?

Cygwin, Mac OS and some Linux distributions (like Gentoo and Red Hat) 
use a different implementation than SUSE, Debian and Ubuntu[1]. It's 
just that simple.


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