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cygwin case-sensitivity: more picky than linux, by default/w no option?

How many different versions of 'man' are there, anyway?

I've always wondered why cygwin's was so different from the few
linux versions I've seen -- bug especially in this sense.

How is it that cygwin's manpages are case sensitive?  Aren't they
stored in files on a case-insensitive file system that should be able
to find file-based man pages no matter what case you type in?

The reason I ask, is that on linux, not only does the man program
have a "-i" option to ignore case, but its also the default!

So maybe cygwin could catchup to linux in this regard and go for ease of use?

From the SuSE linux manpage for "man", regarding the "-i" option.

-i, --ignore-case
Ignore case when searching for manual pages. This is the default.

But cygwin, it's not even an option to ignore case?
I'm almost wondering if someone switched the man programs on the
two OS's...;-)

Very weird.
Think it's possible to get the cygwin version 'enhanced'?

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