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Re: Tab Completion Problem

On 7/9/2010 2:16 PM, Jacob Jacobson wrote:
On 7/8/2010 9:08 AM, Jacob Jacobson wrote:
I recently updated my Cygwin installation and now I get,

[~$:501] cd /c/home/bash: exclude: unbound variable

when I hit TAB.

I have seen Eric's announcement & followed that.

>> A new release of bash-completion, 1.2-1, is now available for
>> download, leaving 1.1-2 as previous.

>> NEWS:
>> =====
>> This is a new upstream release.

I put -
. /etc/bash_completion in my .bashrc file.

The file /etc/bash_completion exists.

Cygcheck output attached. Please help.

Worked on it some more to try & debug this. Here is what I get after "set -x" in bash.

[home$:503] cd /c/home/ab+ local cur 'IFS=
' i j k
+ _get_comp_words_by_ref cur
+ local exclude flag i OPTIND=1
+ words=()
+ local cur cword words
+ upargs=()
+ upvars=()
+ local upargs upvars vcur vcword vprev vwords
+ getopts c:i:n:p:w: flag cur
+ [[ 1 -ge 1 ]]
+ case ${!OPTIND} in
+ vcur=cur
+ let 'OPTIND += 1'
+ [[ 1 -ge 2 ]]
+ __get_cword_at_cursor_by_ref '' words cword cur
+ words=()
+ local cword words
+ __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref '' words cword
+ local exclude i j ref
+ [[ -n '' ]]
+ eval cword=1
++ cword=1
bash: exclude: unbound variable

I defined a new function - md () { command cd "$@"; echo "$PWD" ; }

Now, tab completion works for "md". Previously, this function was "cd"
and tab-completion was giving me problems described above.

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