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Re: Cygwin extremely slow after updating from 1.5.1 to 1.7.5

On 7/11/2010 9:00 PM, Jet Thompson wrote:
It is now taking over 30 seconds for bash to come up,
whereas in 1.5 it would take 1-2 seconds.

Doing an ls of my ~ directory takes 5 seconds.

Running a cucumber test takes 5-6 minutes.

Any idea what could be causing this?

At this point, I can not use Cygwin for development.
Not feasible to use such a slow environment.

Hope someone may have some good ideas.
I am using an older XP machine, but still it is
dual 2.8 Xeon processors, 800MHz bus, 7200rpm
sata hard drive with 8MB cache. It is painful
to see such dismal performance.

This is typically the result of <>.

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Holliston, MA 01746


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