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Re: nasm -- what format does cygwin use?

This is a *very* late reply to:

> I am trying to compile a program that use nasm and it thought that
> gnuwin32 was a format for nasm (don't know if it used to be, but it's
> not now).

> Does cygwin use standard linux format now 'elf', or is it using
> win32?..or something else)?

It looks like the list settled on the right answer, but I feel like a
naughty maintainer having missed the thread (also because I should have
added some backward-compatibility defaulting for -f gnuwin32).

The -f gnuwin32 format was a hack which I removed once it was no longer
needed, see here:

Use -f win32 if you want to link the object file using the cygwin
binutils, but note that the default object extension is .obj.  The
cofftest.asm and cofftest.c that come with the nasm test suite) can
confirm that -f win32 works with the latest cygwin binutils and gcc.

However, as of the nasm-2.08.02-1 release (RFU'd but not
uploaded/announced yet) I've re-added -f gnuwin32, but only as an alias
for -f win32 with .o extensions; hopefully this will avoid the confusion
above from occuring again, and keep people's build scripts working too.

Dean -- software bugs and workarounds

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