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Re: Q: rebaseall/rebaseperl ?

Eliot Moss schrieb:
On 7/5/2010 5:22 PM, Matthias Andree wrote:
Am 05.07.2010, 23:09 Uhr, schrieb Cyrille Lefevre:

any reasons why rebaseall and rebase perl aren't executed at compile
time ? or at packaging time ?

It IS done at packaging time on XP, and tested on Win7

At install-time a rebaseall would be preferred, since we packagers do not know how many dlls the client has installed, esp. those which might clash.

perlrebase is mainly useful, if a full rebaseall is too large, and/or another perl has to be rebased, which CAN conflict with the default perl.

Probably because it's not possible to oversee which installation would
need which libraries later, and because you'd have to have a registry,
or algorithm to derive base addresses, for each and every potential
library. Meaning: not manageable with reasonable effort.

Put another way, the exact addresses and spacing needed vary with platform and perhaps according to other stuff installed, so it would be hard to do in advance. It *might* be possible to do it as part of setup on an individual platform, i.e., *technically* feasible, but I expect it would be *managerially* a nightmare, since it is a somewhat complicated thing that gives people more room to screw up ...

Jason explictily listed TODO's in his rebase package README.
A setup database to skip already know addresses and rebase new ones into the holes or at the end is TODO.
Reini Urban

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