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resolving _glGetString@4 by linking to _glGetString


When building the perl extension OpenGL-0.62 on Cygwin-1.7.5, gcc-4.3.4 I get the warning:

Warning: resolving _glGetString@4 by linking to _glGetString
Use --enable-stdcall-fixup to disable these warnings
Use --disable-stdcall-fixup to disable these fixups

That's exactly what needs to be done, and everything goes fine.
On Cygwin-1.5.25, gcc-3.4.4, however, running the same procedure I simply get the errors:

glversion.o:glversion.c:(.text+0xc5): undefined reference to `_glGetString@4'
glversion.o:glversion.c:(.text+0xd7): undefined reference to `_glGetString@4'
glversion.o:glversion.c:(.text+0xe9): undefined reference to `_glGetString@4'
glversion.o:glversion.c:(.text+0xfb): undefined reference to `_glGetString@4'

How do I get gcc-3.4.4 to apply those fixups that gcc-4.3.4 applied ?

The actual commands being run in order to build glversion are:

gcc -DWIN32 -DHAVE_FREEGLUT -c glversion.c
followed by
g++ -o glversion glversion.o -L../FreeGLUT -lfreeglut /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/opengl32.dll

I tried inserting '--enable-stdcall-fixup' into the second of those commands, but it didn't have any effect.


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