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Re: configure rxvt on cygwin 1.7.5

On 9 July 2010 08:51, philippe wrote:
>>> For your -e option, simply run mintty with a single "-" as the only
>>> option, i.e. "mintty -". ÂThat will tell mintty to run an interactive
>>> login shell for your user as specified in /etc/passwd.
> if i add in the Cygwin.bat the line
> mintty -t myminty -
> mintty is launched with the good configuration at startup but there is
> an additional Âcmd window which doesn't close after the mintty is
> launched (but i can close it mnually).

If you invoke it from there, you'll need to precede it with the 'start' command:

start mintty -t myminty -

The cmd window will still flash up briefly though, which you can avoid
by invoking mintty from a shortcut.

>> Good advice. Also, it's easiest just to invoke mintty from the start
>> menu shortcut in the Cygwin folder that's created when mintty is
>> installed. That already has that '-' argument.
> just a remark : after the standard cygwin installation I've a single
> short cut to Cygwin.bat in the start menu cygwin folder nothing else ...???

The shortcut should have been created if you installed mintty by
selecting it in Cygwin setup.exe.


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