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Re: configure rxvt on cygwin 1.7.5

On 8 July 2010 23:41, Jeremy Bopp wrote:
> As Jason already informed you, mintty has an options dialog you can use
> to configure it. ÂThe equivalents of your rxvt options, except for the
> -e option, can be configured there and saved automatically to
> ~/.minttyrc so that future runs of mintty automatically have the right
> settings without the need for a long, complicated set of command line
> options. ÂHowever, most if not all of the options can be set via the
> command line as well if that's your preference. ÂSee man mintty for details.
> For your -e option, simply run mintty with a single "-" as the only
> option, i.e. "mintty -". ÂThat will tell mintty to run an interactive
> login shell for your user as specified in /etc/passwd. ÂAs you'll see in
> the manpage for mintty, mintty does have a -e option, but there really
> isn't any need to be so verbose about the shell to start for most
> people. ÂSet the shell program you want to use in /etc/passwd, and let
> mintty do the rest.

Good advice. Also, it's easiest just to invoke mintty from the start
menu shortcut in the Cygwin folder that's created when mintty is
installed. That already has that '-' argument.


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