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Re: configure rxvt on cygwin 1.7.5

On 7/8/2010 4:22 PM, philippe wrote:
> Jeremy Bopp a Ãcrit :
>> [...] However, if rxvt used to work for you under Cygwin 1.5, you might be
>> able to make it happy again by changing your LANG setting to LANG=C.
> No, i don't know where to modify this option LANG :-)

LANG is an environment variable.  Under Cygwin 1.5, LANG=C was the
default, but under Cygwin 1.7, LANG=C.UTF-8 is the default.  This change
is probably why rxvt stopped working for you out of the box.

>> I highly recommend mintty.
> ok, mintty is distributed with cygwin and seems to be a nice terminal.
> I've search a little about mintty configuration, i understand that i've
> to move ~/.profile to ~/.minttyrc, but it's not sufficient to traduce in

~/.profile is something entirely different than ~/.minttyrc.  They have
completely different functions.  The former sets up your shell
environment while the latter configures mintty (the terminal) itself.
There is nothing at all to move from one file to the other.

> a "mintty syntax" my ~/.Xdefault or the command below :
> rxvt -fn "-*-Courier-medium-r-*-18-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1" -geometry 90x30
> -sr -bg "#ffffd5" -fg "black" -sl 8000 -termName rxvt -e /usr/bin/bash
> --login -i
> Do you know a good tutorial to configure mintty or can you help me!

As Jason already informed you, mintty has an options dialog you can use
to configure it.  The equivalents of your rxvt options, except for the
-e option, can be configured there and saved automatically to
~/.minttyrc so that future runs of mintty automatically have the right
settings without the need for a long, complicated set of command line
options.  However, most if not all of the options can be set via the
command line as well if that's your preference.  See man mintty for details.

For your -e option, simply run mintty with a single "-" as the only
option, i.e. "mintty -".  That will tell mintty to run an interactive
login shell for your user as specified in /etc/passwd.  As you'll see in
the manpage for mintty, mintty does have a -e option, but there really
isn't any need to be so verbose about the shell to start for most
people.  Set the shell program you want to use in /etc/passwd, and let
mintty do the rest.


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