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Re: Coping with large iso files for network-independent Cygwin installation

On 07/07/2010 09:29, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jul  7 08:03, Fergus wrote:

>> Nevertheless, it is a tantalising problem: what's the best answer to
>> give to a 3rd party who wants to install [1.7] on a machine without
>> network access?
> Rsync the content of a mirror of your choice onto a stick.  Copy
> setup.exe and setup-legacy.exe to the stick.  On the target machine,
> start one of setup or setup-legacy, choose "Install from Local
> Directory", enter the path to the stick, for instance "X:\", as the
> Locale Package Directory.  Install.  Done.

  Just for completeness: You can also choose "Install from Internet", and add
your path as a "User URL" with the textbox and "Add" button at the bottom of
the "Choose A Download Site" dialog.  The difference is that doing it this way
will create a local package repository on the machine you're installing to,
should you want to have one for later when you might not have the USB stick


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