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Re: ImageMagick SVG Problem

2010/7/3  <>:
> Has anybody using ImageMagick noticed that 'display' and other ImageMagick tools are having trouble displaying SVG files? Most of the tools complained about missing files in the /usr/share/fonts/corefonts/ directory, so I created a symlink to /c/Windows/Fonts/ (in Win7 Crippled), and *most* SVG files containing text now function correctly.

Good link.

Which package should create this symlink in it's
Maybe we need an empty msttcorefonts package which just creates
this link and updates the fontcache.

Do we need that or is it's ImageMagick's fault? I'm not so familiar with XWin.
I only know about /usr/share/fonts/TTF/
and my /etc/fonts/fonts.conf does contain the $WINDOWS/Fonts dir, and
my fontcache does contain the correct link for arial.ttf

> Is there some problem with the SVG format? My Debian 5.0 box handles SVG
> files OK, so it seems to be related to the platform, not the package.

I can reproduce it.
The error is:
"display: unable to read font
and so it looks like it is ImageMagick's fault, having
--with-windows-font-dir=/usr/share/fonts/corefonts as its configure arg.
and not usr/share/fonts/TTF/ or such.

I'll fix the wrong prefix at least.

And I'll prepare a new package ASAP, since I did the last for Volker Q.
and Yakoov already pinged two times for relevant upstream fixes.
Note that I'm not really interested in maintaining this package, but as long
as no one else cares, I'll do.
Reini Urban 

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