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Re: cygport cross compile(r) support [was: Re: cygport patch: suppress libtool fixup step]

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 10:16 PM, Charles Wilson
<> wrote:
>> OOTB gcc multilib does not build, nor AFAICS do clear-cut patches exist
>> to fix it. ?Others in #mingw-w64 seem to think that multilib isn't worth
>> the headache, at least not yet. ?We'll see what I come up with over the
>> next few days, but right now I'm going with a non-multilib gcc as my
>> working example.
> Honestly, I just don't get this. ?Are you participating in a live
> #mingw-w64 session, or looking at old logs?

We were talking on #mingw-w64 about how cumbersome building a multilib
toolchain is.  It's surely possible, but it's a lot of work, and so a
lot of people just plain don't bother with it.

Jon, however, already did all the work in a reproducible way such that
it's already done and doesn't need to be re-done.  So it's not that
big of a deal, really, that building multilib is cumbersome.  Jon did
it, and recorded the steps.  So....  it's not really a headache for
anyone else.

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