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Re: The fltk packages seem broken

On Wed, 2010-07-07 at 17:38 +0800, Steve Underwood wrote:
> I just did a periodic update of my cygwin installation, and now I can't 
> build applications using fltk. The fltk packages seem to have been split 
> into a new set for X11 and a set similar to the old packages for native 
> windows graphics. However, the X11 set consists of source, library, and 
> development packages, while the native set has only the source and 
> library. The native graphics development package seems to be missing, so 
> I have no native graphics fluid program, and I'm not sure what other 
> issues there might be in trying to use the X11 development files in 
> developing native graphics programs.

FLTK was switched from GDI to X11 because Cygwin is a *NIX platform,
*NIX programs expect a X11 interface, and mixing *NIX APIs with GDI
often doesn't work.

That being said, for those who had previously installed the GDI FLTK,
presumably to build other software with it (as nothing in the distro
used it), an update was provided for those DLLs as a courtesy to users
so their home-built software would not break.  But from here on out,
only the X11 version is being supported.

If you do not need the old GDI version, uninstall the 'fltk' and
'libfltk1.1-gui' packages.

> Interestingly, the update seems to have automatically installed both the 
> X11 and native versions of fltk, without any notification. That seemed a 
> little odd to me.

Hmm, you are correct that there was no announcement, as there certainly
should have been.


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