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Re: Accessing Windows files from Cygwin

On 7/5/2010 12:18 PM, ppmoore wrote:


I' trying to use a BASH script running on Cygwin to change the name of a
large number of Windows files. The filenames are in DOS 8.3 format. My
script reads a translation file that lists each DOS 8.3 filename, and the
corresponding correct filename.

The problem is that the script cannot change the filenames because it
doesn't have sufficient priority.

On Cygwin, the files are listed as follows:

On Windows, I manually modified the file to have the permissions:
     Authenticated Users: Full control
     Users (<machine name>\Users): Full control

I'm running Cygwin from the same Windows accounts I use to access these

Why, when I manually change the file permissions from Window, are the
updated permissions not visible from within Cygwin? Why can't I modify the
permissions from within Cygwin, since it is the same account?

I've rerread the Cygwin documentation (Chapter 2), but I couldn't see
anything there.

Can anyone help?

You need to decide which set of permissions you want to use, POSIX or Windows, with Cygwin. If the former, read


and run 'mkpasswd' and 'mkgroup' with the appropriate flags for your
installation to get your user and group in the '/etc/passwd' and '/etc/group'
files.  If you prefer to use Windows permissions only, set the 'noacl' option
for all the mount points for which you want Windows permissions

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