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Re: cygport patch: suppress libtool fixup step

On 7/6/2010 15:48, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 13:27 -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
JonY needs to suppress the "libtool fixup" postinstall step when
packaging the mingw64 gcc.  He may or may not need to fixup his .la
files, BUT -- given that we're talking about gcc here, AND his cross
compiler goes somewhere other than /'s likely that whatever
"fixing up" he needs to do, will be specific to that package and likely
unable to re-use the more generic fixup code.

I am working on proper cross-compiler support within cygport now:

* cygconf handling of build/host/target;
* modifying the libtool fixup for different targets;
* handling conflicting files between native and cross-compiler/ed
packages (to allow prefix=/usr).

Regarding libtool fixups: am I correct that on mingw32/64 platforms,
deep non-module libs still need to be relocated to remove the ../bin
(IOW put the DLL alongside the .la)?



I was thinking of putting them in PREFIX/bin32 and bin64 respectively, at least the GCC related target DLLs and dependencies, so they can be shared if I do make a 32bit default toolchain.

For unrelated 3rd party libraries which are not multilib aware, such as 64bit libogg and libvorbis DLLs (if they ever do get packaged), IMHO, the DLLs should go alongside the .la files. They should also probably use a different prefix than the w64 toolchain, so no 32bit vs 64bit install clashes.

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