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Re: problems running "top" task monitor

On 7/4/2010 8:56 AM, P. Goldmann wrote:

Is there a way to investigate whether a unknown BLODA-app or something else
causes the problem?

Typically the process is just look at the security software that you have installed and try uninstalling one-by-one until the problem is resolved. Then you can reinstall all the other ones and report the problem to the vendor of the offending app.

@ Corinna& Larry: Thanks for your hints and suggestions!

I did what Larry wrote, there was only one piece of security software
to uninstall. No luck. Fresh setup of cygwin. Still no luck. Reinstall
new version of my av. Of course no luck...
I can add to the problem-report that not only top doesn't work in 95%
of invocations. On a random basis I get also fork()-errors or
segfaults when launching one more xterm-window.

Well, looks like I'm not hacker enough to solve it all on my own. So,
to investigate the issue: is there some super-verbose or debug-mode to
run cygwin/X/xterm/top to get further information what's going wrong?

Probably everybody can easily imagine, that I'm not keen on rolling
back the configured system to a plain unpatched W7 just to add one
more item to BLODA. That's where my question regarding verbose/debug
comes from.

Furthermore I see from the list, lot's of people have issues with
their cygwin/cygwinX installations on their w7 64bit boxes, often
showing somehow similar symptoms. At the people who got it running
without problems, segfaults, fork()-errors: What's the trick?
Disabling UAC and Defender? Using an English language Windows? Turning
on/off DEP, VT-x or whatever?

Have you tried rebaseall yet?


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