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Re: Windows GUI programs (e.g. notepad) start but are invisible after ssh login

On 7/2/2010 2:50 AM, Koszalek Opalek wrote:
User "Thorsten Kampe" wrote:
Same on Windows XP SP3...

Is it possible to run sshd as a regular process rather than a service?

I'm OK not seeing the GUI most of the time (I'm launching
my application after logging over ssh, the application does
some processing and then quits). However, if something goes
wrong I would be happy to stop sshd service, launch sshd
as a regular process, rerun the application and _see_ what
goes wrong.

You can run it as yourself in a terminal if you prefer. You cannot switch back and forth between running it as a service and running it in a terminal unless you run it as yourself in both circumstances. 'sshd' will not be able to switch user context unless you add privileges for your account, which adds to security concerns. FWIW, I have not tried doing this so there may be other bumps along the way. And this is not a method of operation supported by this list. But if you're game, give it a shot.

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