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Re: Moving Cygwin directory safe?

Andrey Repin schrieb am 27.06.2010 um 05:10 (+0400):
> Greetings, Michael Ludwig!
> > My Cygwin resides under C:\cygwin (plus G:\cygvar for packages),
> > but as both C: and G: are nearly full, I'd like to move the Cygwin
> > folders to partition T: which has plenty of space left.
> > Is this safe or are there things such as registry entries that will
> > prevent Cygwin from working properly, or even deconfigure or corrupt
> > my installation?
> There is, but nothing that can really damage your installation.
> However, to be on a safe side, you better reinstall it fresh in the
> new place, copying over your personal settings.
> Look into
> to deal with recorded installations.

Thanks! That's what I have under that key:

          (o o)
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Looks like I should be able to fix those paths after moving C:\cygwin.

> Sorry for my terrible english...

ÐÐÐÐÐÐÑÐ for my terrible ÑÑÑÑÐÐÐ :-)

(In other words, I think you can safely drop that line.)

Michael Ludwig

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