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Re: Question...has this been raised before? why domain\user instead of domain/user?

On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 03:34:20PM -0700, Linda Walsh wrote:
>Eric Blake wrote:
>>> Isn't this inconsistent?  Any plans to fix this?
>Given the difficulting in building the cygin executable, I doubt it.
>Most projects, I get the tarball, or check it out.  Do a configure, or
>run the script, then configure, then make --
>and it just works.
>Never had any luck w/cygwin -- ALWAYS had things fail with missing
>files /executables that I never had any luck in finding.
>Tried maybe 3 separate times to track things down over 5 years;
>Eventually I came to the conclusion that the builders didn't want to
>make easy building of cygwin a high enough priority that any 'dummy'
>(like me) could just check it out and build it -- that there were
>things "assumed" about the environment that any one who was not a dummy
>would know should be there.
>So I haven't tried since.  Never had a problem building anything else.
>So I doubt you see a patch soon -- I have too many other projects where
>I can just download the source and they just build for me to spend
>days/weeks groveling before what was such a friendly, helpful
>development team, to submit work that would probably have been rejected
>***Things may have changed***, and please don't take personally my
>experiences with any of your predecessors, who at times drove me to
>apoplectic fits when I let them get to me.  Not too bright of me...but
>C'est la vie.  If things have changed, I may try again sometime but
>cygwin's goals don't include x64, which tends to limit my excitement, a
>bit, at this point...;-)

Please don't send details of your private travails to this list.  Your
life is not on-topic.


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