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Re: NCurses and Cygwin

On 17/05/2010 19:06, Luis Vital wrote:

> I just installed NCurses under Cygwin.
> Looking at the file list after the instalation I see that I have:
> /usr/include/curses.h
> /usr/include/ncurses.h
> etc.

  The real question is how these got there.  They aren't part of any Cygwin
package.  They must have been there already, for some reason.  You should
probably just get rid of them.

> /usr/include/ncurses/curses.h
> /usr/include/ncurses/ncurses.h
> etc.
> If I compile using #include <ncurses.h> I got errors but if I
> compile using #include "ncurses/ncurses.h" I don't get errors and the
> programs work fine.
> Nevertheless all the examples use #include <ncurses.h> so this should
> work fine.

  Add "-I /usr/include/ncurses" to your compile commands.  I'm not sure why
the layout is a bit different between Cygwin and Linux, I guess it's just one
of those things.  If you check the cygwin-specific docs for the package
(/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/ncurses.README), you'll see it says to use the -I option.


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