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V1.7 and endless loops triggerd by junction points


I've installed cygwin 1.7 in Vista and have two problems, not known prior
with cygwin 1.5.25:

1) If I login in a shell (e.g. sh --login -i) I can not use cursor or
backspace keys. It seems that the cursor can't go into the left direction.
Cursor up will resolve in one line like:
$ tail /cygdrive/c/Attrib/attributes$ ls -alh /cygdrive/c/Attrib/attributes
instead two different lines like
$ tail /cygdrive/c/Attrib/attributes
$ ls -alh /cygdrive/c/Attrib/attributes

2) In the opposite to V1.5.25 "ls -alh /cygdrive/c/users/" shows the Vista
Junction points like linux soft links. That is nice :-)
But the Windows Program "attrib /S /D" will follow this symbolic links and
therefore it comes into an endless loop. e.g.:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Application Data\..
This behaviour will take place too if I run it with "cmd /c attrib"
Both above means by running it within a bash shell. If I run attrib from a
cmd box it work correct.

Thanks for any hint
Don't Panic

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