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Re: backspace does not work correctly on cygwin command prompt, its adding space in front of the character.

On 30/04/2010 08:14, Sameer khan wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed cygwin 1.7.5-1. on my windows-xp desktop.
> On cygwin command prompt, backspace is not working.
> I tried following , but none of these worked
> stty erase ^H
> stty erase ^h
> stty erase ^?
> backspace either adds extra space in front or adds ^? in the front but its not deleting characters from the screen.

  Ah, take a look at this from your cygcheck output:

> TERMCAP = 'D:\PROGRA~1\MKSTOO~1\etc\termcap'
> TERMINFO = 'D:\PROGRA~1\MKSTOO~1\usr\lib\terminfo'

  You have MKS tools installed, and these environment variable settings mean
something to both MKS and Cygwin.  Cygwin shells won't work with MKS
terminfos!  I don't know if Cygwin uses termcap, but you probably don't want
that set either.  Other environment variables that you have pointing at MKS
what all of those mean, but having SHELL point at the MKS shell will mess
things up if you try and run 'make'.

  I'd advise against having MKS and Cygwin both in the PATH at the same time,
it could easily get confusing, but the main part of your problem will be
solved by getting rid of those environment settings.  You could remove them
from the environment and use a batch file to set them and launch an MKS shell
for when you want to use MKS, or you could unset them in your Cygwin.bat, or
perhaps even in /etc/profile (but that might be too late if they've already
taken effect, since that only gets read after the shell is running).


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