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Re: NIS/yp ported?

On 04/29/2010 09:46 PM, Jeremy Bopp wrote:
Andrew DeFaria wrote:
I'm just curious - I have a function that I use on Unix to do basically a ypcat passwd | grep -i $@. It's very useful in looking up users especially since ore and more corporations use anonymous numbers or IDs to represent people. But I have to log into the Unix system to do it.
Are similar/identical IDs created for those users in the Windows domain? If so, you can use mkpasswd in place of ypcat passwd to get something
roughly equivalent.
Now that's an idea! You got me thinking. I'm really just using this function as a quick look up of info so that I can quickly say "Well this user id, d23834 is really John Smith" or "Well Smith's user id is d23834". mkpasswd might do that for me! (I know also that I could script up calls to net user but it's not as straight forward).
I was wondering if there was a cygwin port of NIS or YP so that I could do this ypcat from within Cygwin.
I haven't heard of this being available, and a search doesn't turn up ypcat in any Cygwin package. However, someone apparently ported the
Linux tools to Cygwin at one time:

Too bad the message didn't include any instructions and only refers to a website which appears to be dead now.
Ugh. Well mkpasswd might suffice... Thanks.
Andrew DeFaria <>
Cranial-rectal inversion disorder - a condition where one's head is where one's butt should be and vice-versa, causing an otherwise sensible person to make an ass of himself.

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