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Re: perl6 fails - <bump>

> on 4/26/2010 3:13 AM Reini Urban said the following:
>> 2010/4/26 David Vergin:
>>> ...sadly I now have a new error...
>>> $ /usr/bin/perl6 -V
>>> Null PMC access in find_method('get_parrotclass')
>>> current instr.: 'perl6;ClassHOW;onload' pc -1 ((unknown file):-1)
>>> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

> So, to be clear, any and all attempts to run perl6 under cygwin give the
> same response. All of the following examples fail in the same way:
> $ perl6 test.p6
> $ perl6 --version
> $ perl6
> $ perl6 -e "print 1"
>> I've installed parrot-devel also, that's the solution and the ad-hoc
>> workaround.
> I appreciate your time on this. I have now installed parrot-devel.
> But the "Null PMC" error I reported above persists.
> What do we try next?

There's something missing.

Please attach the output of:
$ strace perl6 --version|grep fhandler_base::open|cut -c48
You may gzip it. (30kb)

The complete tracing  would be:
$ parrot -t-1 /usr/lib/parrot/2.3.0/languages/perl6/perl6.pbc --version

Reini Urban 

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