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rsync 3.0.7 hangs in combination with cygwin 1.7.[4,5] and rsync server on Debian

My laptop runs XP Home SP3 and my workstation XP Prof. SP3.
Attached is the output of cygcheck -s -v -r of the laptop.

I use Cygwin and rsync to sync my files to a Debian 4.0 server which runs rsync 2.6.9 in daemon mode.

It had always worked quite will until I upgraded from 1.5.x to Cygwin 1.7.x (the laptop runs Cygwin 1.7.4 and the workstation 1.7.5, both with rsync 3.0.7)

I use
rsync -av --progress --delete
to sync the changes on the server down to a client.
(There are over 30e3 files to sync.)

If foo_user_files is empty and rsync has to copy all the files
it stops after maybe 50...200 files at an arbitrary file. (No disk activity, no network acttivity, nearly no CPU usage.) It just ceases copying and after some time (seconds to minutes) it copyies another some files until it stops again.
Well, copying/syncing all the 30e3 files would take forever.

Just syncing an already copied directory, where rsync must only make a few updates seems to work normally, so the problem seems to be linked with the amount of files to process.

The problem may be related to the following post:
Which is the only hint I've found but doesn't show how to solve the problem.

I tested the connection with an Ubuntu installation to make sure that the rsync server is ok and it works like a charm there.

I've just set up a network drive and tried "disk"-to-disk sync on the client side which works but is far slower.

I've also tried to compile rsync 3.0.7 without socketpairs, because this seems to be a problem sometimes. I used the instructions from
but it didn't solve the problem.

I've already sent this message to the rsync mailing list. It didn't lead
to a solution and obviously this is more cygwin than rsync-only related.

I don't know what to try else (apart from digging into the source and/or using a debugger, but I don't have the time to do that).

Wiesner Thomas

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